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Why choose 网上买球软件 Surgery Center? 当你需要手术时, you want exceptional care close to home - where it's easy for your loved ones to offer support and stay involved in your care. At 网上买球软件 Medical Center you will find an excellent patient safety record; extremely low surgical infection rate; extensive experience in a broad range of surgical specialties; advanced surgical suites with leading-edge technology; highly trained surgical nurses and technicians; a dedicated parking lot near the center's entrance; streamlined check-in process; spacious waiting area with Wi-Fi and coffee bar; and more! 

We have extensive experience in a broad range of specialties, including: 乳房手术, 普通外科, 手手术, 妇科肿瘤 Surgery, 神经外科, 口服 & Maxillofacial Surgery, 整形外科手术, 塑料 & 整形外科手术, Urologic Surgery, Urogynecology Surgery, 血管手术 and more! 

More than 4,000 surgeries are performed each year at the 网上买球软件 Surgery Center. We have 54 surgeons on active staff encompassing many different medical specialties. They are assisted by a special team of nurses and technicians who are experienced, highly-trained professionals with extensive knowledge in surgical care.

At 网上买球软件, quality, service, comfort and compassion are the focus of our surgical team. The Surgery Center has six state-of-the-art operating rooms and a digital state-of-the-art cystoscopy suite. While laparoscopic surgery has been in place at 网上买球软件 for several years, our operating rooms now incorporate laser technology for prostate, vascular and kidney stone procedures. This means patients spend less time in the medical center and recover faster.

The overall design of our surgery center - including a dedicated parking lot near the Medical Center's front entrance - facilitates a positive, comfortable patient experience. 另外, 入院前测试, Same Day Surgery and the Post Anesthesia 护理 Unit (PACU) are close to the operating rooms - enabling staff to collaborate regarding a patient's care without leaving the area.

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网上买球软件 Medical Center
110 Hospital Road, Suite 210
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
电话: 410.535.4000
电话: 1.888.906.8773